How to protect yourself from frivolous lawsuit claims

New York law firm Patton Boggs LLP and its partner, Gibson Dunn, have filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., and Wells Fargo & Co. claiming the banks have illegally used their financial products to defraud consumers.

In the complaint filed Monday, Patton Bogus and Gibson Dunn are seeking $2 billion in damages for each of the four banks for violating consumer protection laws.

The plaintiffs allege the banks unlawfully used fraudulent claims to collect and store bank accounts, then billed consumers to pay for the products with money that they had not deposited in their accounts.

They allege that Bank of Americans’ mortgage products are designed to make it easier for people to get mortgages but that it is not easy for people who do not have a bank account to do so.

The lawsuit alleges that the banks’ mortgage product allows borrowers to use their existing bank account, and thus does not require any new information or authorization from the borrower.

The complaint also alleges that Bank Of America and Citigroup have illegally made mortgage products that have no expiration date, are not backed by credit scores or credit scores that are backed by the same credit ratings agencies, and are designed for people without credit scores.

The banks have denied the claims in the lawsuit, which was filed Monday.

“Bank of America and its subsidiaries unlawfully marketed and sold fraudulent mortgage products designed to induce individuals to use its mortgage products,” the banks said in a statement.

“These products are illegal and will not be permitted in the United States.”

The complaint is one of several that have been filed against the banks, including a lawsuit filed in November against Bank Of Americas by a class of customers and consumers who allege that they were defrauded by mortgage products sold by Bank of Americas.

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