Gassen’s lawsuit seeks $3.3M in damages

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Gassan’s largest competitor, Gasset Corp., seeking $3,000 in damages.

Schneiderman, a Democrat, accused Gassett of misleading investors, engaging in false marketing, and failing to comply with federal antitrust laws.

Gassent is a publicly traded company that sells software to companies that use its platform.

Gassere filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, where the two companies have offices.

Schneidermen’s office said it had sought an order barring Gassner from “failing to comply” with the Sherman Act, a 1938 law that requires businesses to act in a “fair, impartial, and nondiscriminatory manner.”

“Gassen failed to provide investors with information about the potential impact of its merger with Gassets’ stock,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

The company said it would fight the lawsuit.

Gasser is a subsidiary of the U.S. military contractor General Dynamics Corp. The suit comes on the heels of Gassenhahn’s company filing a similar lawsuit in New York state.

Schneidermans office said on Tuesday that Gassens lawsuit would seek damages against Gasseer and its subsidiaries for false advertising and misclassification of its products, which are not covered by the Sherman law.

Gassing’s lawsuit alleges that the company has failed to disclose to investors that the Gassenzas’ software could be used to detect fraud and identify potentially fraudulent trades.

GASSEN’S COLLUSION WITH GASSECHANNELS COMPANY Gassessen has partnered with Gassing to create a suite of software to help corporations detect fraudulent trades in the stock market, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday.

Schneidermann’s office alleged that Gassing had “engaged in false advertising, false marketing and misrepresentation of its technology to the public and investors.”

Schneiderman added that Gasses business model is based on using the company’s platform to sell software that can identify “corporate fraud” and other problems in a company’s stock.

The lawsuit claims that Gasseers business model “was designed to attract investors who might not otherwise purchase Gassetts products, thereby attracting more fraudulent activity in Gassethans stock.”

GASSER’S RELATIONS WITH THE PRESIDENT Trump has previously praised Gassenberg for its “tremendous success” in the market for corporate security and privacy products.

Gasses CEO, Paul Gassert, recently told Business Insider that the president was a fan of Gassing and that Trump is “always very complimentary.”

Gassener’s lawsuit also seeks unspecified damages and costs for Schneiderman.

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