What does it mean to sue the Champions League, and how is it done?

A new class-action lawsuit has been filed against UEFA, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Federation, alleging that the leagues own officials, the UEFA Executive Committee and the Champions Leagues’ executive committee conspired to fix the number of places in the Champions league in order to benefit themselves and their owners.

The lawsuit claims that the number two UEFA official, Carlo Tavecchio, conspired with the directors of the Champions group, which is run by the Spanish club Atlético Madrid, to rig the UEFA group stage in order for their owners to get as many points as possible.

Tavecchi, who was the highest-ranked official in the group stage, was suspended in 2014 for a year, while a second official, Federico Bernardi, was later given a three-year ban after he admitted to rigging the group stages in order that they would be better placed for the final.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs, which includes the Spanish football association, Euskaltel, argue that these officials had the intention to use their positions in the UEFA Group stage to benefit the clubs and owners of the participating teams.

The lawyers have demanded that UEFA pay compensation to the plaintiffs for the losses suffered by the clubs, as well as the UEFA president, Gianni Infantino, for failing to do his job and preventing the clubs from being awarded the maximum number of points.

The attorneys also claim that the UEFA executive committee and UEFA Federation were not acting in a fair and just manner when they voted to award points in a way that was disadvantageous to their respective clubs, the owners of which were not present in the voting.

They claim that UEFA’s decision to award the points was illegal, as the officials of the governing body did not have the authority to award a maximum number and did not intend to give it to the clubs.

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