Why you should keep an eye on these new companies as the patent wars intensify

The patent wars are heating up.

In the latest round of patent litigation, a handful of tech giants including Google, Apple, Samsung and Intel have sued each other in the U.S. and internationally, seeking to invalidate each other’s patents.

That’s led to the creation of a growing class of companies and their patent portfolios that can be used by patent trolls and their allies to make money and, in some cases, to make it harder for competitors to beat them in court.

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s in a patent?

A patent covers any technology or process that works, but doesn’t necessarily have any direct applications.

Some patents are so broad that they cover a whole range of technologies and industries.

A patent doesn’t have to cover a specific technology to be a patent.

A company that’s found to be infringing on a patent can still make a claim against that patent holder.

The problem with the troll’s playbook There’s a growing amount of litigation involving patent trolling.

The Supreme Court has made clear that if a patent holder is found to have infringed a patent, it can sue for damages in the millions of dollars.

Patent trolls and the attorneys representing them can then use the case to try to invalidize or even invalidate the patents of others who have the same idea.

There’s nothing in the law that says that you can’t sue for defamation, or libel, or defamation of character or reputation.

The troll also uses the court system to make its case.

A troll can go after people who have publicly criticized the company, such as bloggers, writers or artists.

The trolls often try to get people to pay for litigation or to give money to their lawyers.

They can even sue people they don’t like, such in cases where they’ve been accused of plagiarism or libel.

The case is usually filed by a small number of lawyers with little to no money and can take years to get through the courts.

The goal is to get the patent holder to pay to invalidify the patents.

For example, a patent troll could file a lawsuit against Apple in the US and then make a motion to dismiss, arguing that the Apple patent is invalid.

A judge would then look at Apple’s argument to decide whether or not the patent is valid.

If it’s not, the judge would decide whether the patent infringement claim can be dismissed, or if the patent should be overturned on appeal.

This would also allow the patent troll to try and get the court to overturn the decision.

If the court agrees with the patent trolls, it could then decide that the patents are valid and allow the troll to go after other companies and patent holders.

What can you do?

If you have any questions about the patent disputes, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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