US company to sue for patent infringement

The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in San Francisco, claims that Google copied its patent on the idea of “frictionless scrolling” and “clicking a button” in an attempt to monopolize the online video business.

The suit was filed against Google and its parent company Alphabet, which owns YouTube, in a case brought by a California-based lawyer named John Lasseter. 

The suit alleges that Google “engaged in anticompetitive conduct by using Google trademark infringement claims to force a competitor to infringe on Google trademark, thereby threatening to undermine its dominant position in the online content market.”

In the suit, the lawyers for Google claim that Google’s use of “clicks” and the “click-to-play” feature to trigger videos was “unfair and unjustified” because it caused “significant economic harm” to Google. 

“Google has been abusing its dominant market position by exploiting its patented ‘click-play’ technology to make Google videos look more attractive than YouTube videos,” the lawyers wrote.

The plaintiffs are asking for unspecified damages. 

On Thursday, a judge in California agreed to dismiss the lawsuit.

The ruling came after the defendants requested the dismissal in a letter to the court, which the judge also accepted. 

Google, which is owned by Alphabet, argued that the lawsuit was based on nothing more than speculation and said it was not trying to assert that it had the patent.

“We will not contest this case and will vigorously defend against the claims,” Google said in a statement. 

Lasseter, who has also been sued by Amazon, said that he believes Google should pay for the infringement.

“It’s like going to the bank to ask for $300,000,” he told NBC News.

“I don’t know how you can have a lawsuit against a billion-dollar company.

They’re making billions of dollars, but you have to have a little bit of compensation.”

Google’s lawyers countered that the patent was a patent that “must be granted to ensure its utility in the marketplace.”

“The patent is a very good patent, but its utility is to provide the illusion of a frictionless scrolling experience,” the lawsuit said.

“The mere existence of this patent does not create an actual or prospective obligation for Google to infringemit it.”

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