How to sue a company

It’s not that you’re not allowed to sue your own company, but there’s a difference between a court of law and a court hearing.

That’s why you should always seek legal advice before making any claims.

There are two main reasons you need to go to court to fight your own business.


You can’t sue your business, it’s a private company It’s no secret that a lot of people use private companies as their business vehicle, even if they’re registered as a company.

You may be tempted to claim your business is a “public corporation” and that you can’t use your own name as a name on the company’s website, but that’s not what private companies are.

“You can use your name as part of your name, but the name is owned by a private entity and not by you,” says legal expert Andrew Cripps.

If you’re still unsure whether your business falls into the same category, you can check the rules around the use of your own private company name in the Corporations Act.


Your business can’t be used to promote a commercial product or service This is where the confusion comes in.

The use of a company name as an advertisement is legal, but what about if you want to use it to advertise a commercial service?

The law states that you need a licence for that, and if you’re selling goods or services to a public, it will require you to apply for a licence.

If your business advertises itself as a “private corporation”, then that licence will also apply to the business, so if you use the name of your business to advertise services you’ll need to apply too.

In the case of your legal claims, you may be able to find advice on the subject online.


Your company is not a public company If you own a business and you’ve used the name as your business name in your business documents, that means you’re legally entitled to use the business name, whether you want it or not.

However, you’re also legally entitled, in the company documents, to use your business’s name for the purposes of business purposes.

You’ll also need to check whether you’re required to obtain a licence from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to use that name in advertising.

“There’s a rule that a company can use its name in relation to its commercial activities,” says Cripp, “and that’s the law.”

In other words, if you own your business and use your company name for commercial purposes, you’ll be able use the company name if it’s registered as the business you’re using.

If not, you won’t be able.

If all of these factors apply, then it’s your business that’s your problem.

“If you’ve got a dispute with your employer or with the person running your business it’s not the person’s business,” says lawyer David O’Connor from law firm Law Office.

“That’s not a problem for you, so don’t get into it.”


Your legal rights don’t extend to your own employees You can only use your legal rights to enforce the rights you’ve given your employees, so the best thing you can do is take care of your staff before filing a claim.

If a dispute has arisen between your employees and you, you should first seek legal help.

“I would advise that you contact your manager, your chief financial officer, your general manager or your director of marketing or sales, if that person’s involved in the issue,” says O’ Connor.

5. “

They’re your representatives and they’ll be very helpful, but you may need to look into your legal options.”


Your employees have the right to ask for help If you have a dispute about your employees’ right to access your business information, then the best solution is to hire a lawyer.

“It’s your job to protect the rights of your employees,” says John Deakin, a lawyer with Deakin Law in Melbourne.

“But if your employees have rights to access the information that you’ve entrusted them to keep, then you’re entitled to access that information.”


Your employer is entitled to take action to protect their employees If you’ve been told your business has breached the law by providing false information to your employees or by failing to protect your employees from fraudulent claims, then there are three options available.

You could take your business into court.

This means you could file a claim with a court, which could result in a judgement for you.

This is called a civil action, and you could also ask for damages.

The legal costs of an action against your business can be substantial, so it’s best to seek legal representation.

If that doesn’t work, you could go to a business lawyer for advice.

If it’s clear that you have to go ahead with your claim, then your lawyer may be more than willing to advise you. 7. You

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