How an internet startup went from an obscure startup to the biggest tech company in the world.

Time is the largest daily newspaper in the United States and has long been a bastion of journalism for young people.

But with the advent of digital platforms, the publication has become more and more influential, attracting young media professionals and media entrepreneurs, including some with no previous media experience.

The Times is owned by Time Inc., the parent company of CNN.

And with its meteoric rise, Time also has become the biggest publisher in the country, and the second-largest in the U.S. The Times has an ambitious plan to be more like CNN: the company has already signed up the former president of Time Inc. as a “special advisor” to its board.

The appointment came at a time when CNN has faced increasing criticism over a series of questionable stories and editing decisions.

Last month, CNN fired veteran correspondent Brian Stelter after he wrote a piece calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached over his alleged ties to Russia.

Stelter, who has a history of being critical of Trump, wrote that “the Trump White House has repeatedly tried to undermine the independence of the Office of the President.”

CNN responded by firing the reporter.CNN is also embroiled in a controversy over an article published in April titled “Trump’s team says its not a conspiracy theory, but an investigation into ‘fake news.'”

The article detailed a series by conservative journalist and commentator Michelle Fields, who was accused of plagiarizing a Trump campaign speech.

Fields said in the article that her father, a retired Navy officer, had told her to do it, but she never shared his comments with the campaign.

The Trump campaign fired Fields.CNN has also faced questions about how it handled its coverage of the Charlottesville protests, which resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman.

The Charlottesville protests took place amid white supremacist groups who held a rally in the city in 2017.CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.CNN Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Coontz also said in a letter to employees that “while we have a long tradition of challenging some of our own reporting in the service of journalistic integrity, we are deeply troubled by the recent coverage of CNN by The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of which are based in our own home state.”

Coontz, who previously served as the president of the network, added that CNN is “deeply committed to journalistic excellence.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, CNN President Jeff Zucker said he does not agree with Fields’ article, but he added that “it was a terrible decision to publish” it.CNN also has faced criticism over its handling of its coverage on the Charlottesville controversy.

The outlet said at the time that it had a responsibility to be fair to the protesters and “fair to all sides.”

But the backlash from the Charlottesville demonstrations, which turned deadly, led to a string of stories in The New Yorker that portrayed the newspaper as sympathetic to the white supremacist cause.

In a story about the controversy, The New Republic, the newspaper that first published the Charlottesville story, said that the Times and other media outlets “should be ashamed of themselves.”

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