Why Canada’s national lawsuit fund isn’t going anywhere

Companies’ lawsuit funds have been a source of funding for Canadian companies in recent years, as they were a way for companies to pursue legal claims against their competitors.

But in recent months, the fund has been under strain.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says the fund is losing money on an average of $1.5 million a year.

The watchdog also says it’s not making enough money.

That has prompted some industry leaders to question the merits of the fund’s funding, and some lawyers have called for it to be sold off.

The National Association of Professional Lawyers says it has not seen a recent letter from the fund, and has not yet seen the letter that has led to the controversy.

The letter is signed by about 150 lawyers representing the legal profession and a number of other industries.

It states that the National Association “has no jurisdiction over this matter,” and urges the National Capital Commission to “reconsider its decisions.”

The letter goes on to say the fund “is under tremendous financial pressure, and we have no intention of doing anything to help it.”

“Our lawyers are being paid too much for work that is not relevant to the outcome,” the letter says.

The lawyers also call for the fund to be privatized, and a public auction to be held to sell the assets.

“We have the ability to raise a sufficient amount of money in the next two years to fund litigation against all those entities,” the lawyers wrote.

It also says that the fund was built by a private firm and that the proceeds will not be returned to the companies.

“Our advice to the NPA is that the private firm should not be permitted to run the fund,” the attorneys wrote.

“The NPA should not have the authority to buy the assets, nor should the private company have the power to control the funding of the National Legal Fund.”

The fund is currently funded by the province of Ontario, the federal government and other public sources.

In a statement released Monday, the NCPA said it had been contacted by the National Lawyers Association and had been in contact with lawyers representing businesses and groups that have been affected by the fund.

The association said it would work with the National Centre for Business Law and other stakeholders to “make clear to the government that the government is committed to the public good and its responsibility to the people of Canada to invest in the legal system, and that its decisions should be informed by evidence and facts.”

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says it supports the NJP fund, but is concerned about its ability to support legal work that could benefit all Canadians.

The federation says it does not think the NPP fund is a good use of money for the public, but has no specific policy on that.

It says the NAPL is already doing a good job of supporting business, and it’s only reasonable that it should be able to do the same for the legal sector.

The NJP is also supported by other organizations that support legal reform and civil society, the federation said.

“It’s the law and the people, and this is an issue that we have to tackle,” said James McInerney, the national president of the NLABC.

“And we have the capacity to do it, and they have the capability to do this, and the money is there.

It’s just not there for us.”

He says the group is trying to work with other groups and groups representing businesses to find ways to address this issue, but he’s concerned the government has not done enough.

“I think it’s unfortunate that they’ve done this, but the fact that we’re talking about it is a sign that they are trying to get rid of this fund,” McInnerney said.

The Ontario Federation of Labour is also critical of the government, and its ability for the NPL to invest.

In the past, the union has called for the government to close the NDPL, which it says is an “invisible arm of the bureaucracy” that has “diversified into areas that can be harmful to the economy.”

In its letter to the National Bank, the Ontario Federation called on the government “to provide us with assurances that the NLL funds will not, in fact, be used for the purpose of any legal actions.”

“As you know, this fund has operated as a public interest entity for decades, but that was always subject to the laws of the province, which have changed over time,” the federation wrote.

The government’s response to the federation’s letter follows the release of the provincial government’s budget, which says the government will invest $30 million in the NJPP over the next five years.

The budget also said the NCLC would create a new public interest litigation fund.

“Through a new fund, the government intends to invest additional money to support litigation for consumers, businesses, municipalities, and government entities in the public interest,” the budget said.

That fund, it

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