Which of the big companies is suing the other for damages?

A large number of major technology companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft, have been accused of being involved in patent infringement by a group of patent holders.

The group claims that the firms have been misusing patents, including on a number of products and services, to extract royalties.

The allegations are being brought by the International Association of Patent Trial Lawyers (IAPL), an organisation representing the lawyers and firms that represent technology companies.

It has been accused by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of being “overly aggressive”.

It has also been accused in the UK of abusing its position to prevent companies from defending their patents.

The companies involved include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

The USPTO said in a statement that it “does not comment on litigation matters, except to note that we have issued a Notice of Appeal to address the allegations made in the complaint filed by the IAPL.”

The IAPG has argued that the patent holders have been unfairly accused of infringing on technologies and that the claims are baseless.

It said that the complaint was not based on any evidence, but on “numerous unsubstantiated allegations”.

The IapG said that while the USPT “is entitled to issue a ruling in our favour, we will do so only after we have provided a detailed analysis of the complaint”.

“Our examination of the claims in this complaint, however, has led us to believe that the allegations are without merit,” it said.

“The allegations in this matter are baseless and we are confident that the USPs claims will be rejected by the court.”

The groups complaint is based on patents used in a range of applications.

It claims that Google’s Android operating system was developed without the permission of the IapL and that Microsoft’s Office suite of applications infringes on patents related to cloud computing, digital content and personal computing.

The groups claim that Microsoft has used the patents in the products to generate a “significant and unjustified” royalty.

It also says that Apple’s iTunes has been used to generate royalty payments in excess of $1bn in the past three years.

The Iambics claim that the companies have been able to extract millions of dollars from the patentholders.

It is not clear if the US firms will be able to recover the money owed.

The company that brought the case is the International Patent Trial Institute (IPTI), an international organisation which is funded by Google.IPTI’s director, Michael L. Borkowski, said the organisation was “extremely disappointed by the actions of the US patent office”.

He said the companies’ actions were a “clear violation of international patent law”.

“The US patent offices actions have a chilling effect on the development of technology and, consequently, on the growth of innovation,” he said.

The claim is based in part on patent applications Google has made to the US PTO, which were filed on February 1, 2016.

Google has been granted permission to use the patents.

The USPTA has said it was unable to issue the order to issue an injunction until the companies were satisfied that Google had not violated the patents, as required by the Patent Act of 1976. 

The group is asking the US Supreme Court to block the US authorities from enforcing the ruling. 

“The parties have the opportunity to appeal the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s decision,” it added.

The ruling in favour of the patent holder, the Iambic said that “a finding that the parties were not engaged in infringing the patent would constitute a full-blown ‘patent war’.”

“If the parties are not engaged, then the courts must decide whether they are,” the group said.

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