When you want a new name for your company, it’s easier than you think

When you are building a new company, there is a temptation to try to create a brand name that will stand out among all the others.

The brand name is the glue that holds your business together.

However, when it comes to the naming of your company and the way you name your business, it is a very different matter.

Name-branding is a trademark.

It is not an adjective, like a nickname or a brand.

There are a number of different ways to name your company.

There is the standard naming convention of “LAD”, which stands for the Latin acronym for “life,activity,deed,deeds”.

The name of the company, by the way, is LAD, meaning “Life, Activity, &deed”.

This is the convention we use for most companies.

However there are exceptions.

Some companies, for example, use the Latin alphabet to distinguish their name from that of another company.

For example, the New York Times Company is called Times Company, which means Times Company.

The name is still the same as before, but the pronunciation of the letters is slightly different.

For instance, the letters “T” in Times Company are pronounced “tah” instead of “tuh”.

However, Times Company also has a different name in the United States: the Times Company LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Yorker Corporation.

That is a registered trademark of New Yorker.

In Canada, the Canadian trademark for the Times company is TSSM, for “Tess Mathers Family and Sons”.

The company is now owned by an independent company in Canada, and it is not in Canada’s trademark register.

However the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs has listed the company as a trademark of the Mather family in New Jersey.

There may be a few other names that are trademarks of the family of Mather, but this one is unique.

It was chosen as a name because of its unique origin.

“Lads” is a term used by the family and is a popular expression among young people.

It refers to the people who are “lads” or “ladies” and they are considered the backbone of a family.

The family was formed in the late 1700s in Ireland and formed a successful business in Ireland in the 1880s.

Today, there are about 1,200 people in the family, and their members work in a variety of professions.

They also serve on various boards and committees in Irish society.

The names of the families members are often the same, so it is possible to name a family simply by using a family name.

This is how the New Zealand Heraldic Company, for instance, has named the company.

The first name of every member of the Heraldic family is “Lad”.

This means “life” or the “deed” or an action.

The surname is also used to mark the place of birth for the family.

In addition, the name “Lader” is often used for businesses, as in the New Zealander for instance.

Lader means “lady” in Irish, so LAD is often also used as a surname in English.

The company was incorporated in New Zealand in 1902, and the New Year is celebrated by naming businesses after famous people, particularly politicians and artists.

There have been several attempts to name the company after famous artists and writers.

Some of these attempts have been successful, including a company called the New World Record Company, founded in 1922 by the artist and journalist Jack London.

The New World Records were made of a combination of clay and brass.

They were sold to record companies around the world.

Some records sold for $30,000, or $1 million.

In the mid-1990s, a new attempt to name an international company after Jack London failed.

That company was called the Jack London Company.

Although it was unsuccessful, the idea of naming an international business after a famous person was very popular.

In 2006, the company named after Jack was announced by the company that owns the Jack Londons, which is the company where he died.

It’s not that they were unsuccessful.

Jack London had a number more notable achievements in his career, including founding the British Royal Air Force and leading the creation of the World War I Royal Air Corps.

However in his final years, Jack was known for his charity work, which led to the creation in 1939 of the London Hospital for Sick Children.

The London Hospital was one of the hospitals he founded and which was the first hospital to be built for people with serious illness.

It had a capacity of 25,000 people and was the largest in the world when it opened.

The hospital was the biggest and the best in the UK and it served people who were very ill, particularly the elderly and people with disabilities.

This hospital was named after him.

A new name was announced in October 2007, the

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