When a man in Illinois was sentenced to 10 years in prison, it took a police officer to get him out

NEW YORK — When a Florida man was sentenced for the first time to 10-plus years in federal prison for an alleged rape, the Department of Justice took the unusual step of going to the man’s lawyer and seeking a warrant to enter his house.

The Associated Press obtained documents from the Justice Department that show the department went to the Florida man’s attorney and sought a warrant before entering his home in January 2014.

The documents, obtained through a public records request, show the attorney, Andrew Sullivan, went to Florida police and asked to speak to his client and see if he needed help.

Sullivan also wrote to the FBI, asking it to help him obtain a warrant, according to the records.

The FBI did not respond to a request for comment.

Sullivan’s lawyer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

The AP has not independently confirmed his account.

Florida law requires warrants to be obtained for people in courtrooms.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the state’s law enforcement agency, said it does not issue warrants for police officers, but does issue them to the attorney general.

The department declined to comment about whether the warrant was sought for Sullivan.

The Florida case was the first of its kind to be prosecuted in the state.

Sullivan had been on trial since March 2015 after he pleaded guilty to raping a woman who was his girlfriend.

He was sentenced in February to 10 to 20 years in a federal prison.

His lawyer, Sullivan’s former lawyer, asked the judge to sentence him to less time because he did not commit a felony and was only accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, a law enforcement source said.

Sullivan’s attorney said in court papers that he was remorseful for what he did, but did not say why.

The AP obtained court documents that outline the interactions that took place between Sullivan and his attorney, which included a phone call in February 2014.

Sullivan was sitting in his home, which was on the property where the girl lived, when Sullivan’s lawyer called and asked for a warrant for Sullivan’s arrest.

Sullivan had told Sullivan that he had done nothing wrong, and was being questioned by the prosecutor, according the documents.

Sullivan told his lawyer that he did what he thought was the right thing for him to do.

The prosecutor then asked Sullivan to come in and meet with her and his lawyer.

The prosecutor told Sullivan the girl was 16 and that she would have to go to jail if he went to jail.

Sullivan was in court that day, too.

He had been summoned to a meeting to meet with the girl’s mother, the prosecutor told the judge.

When Sullivan entered the room, Sullivan told the prosecutor that he believed the girl had consented to sex and was 16 years old, the documents said.

Sullivan told his attorney he had no idea the girl even existed, and said he would talk to her later.

The girl did not show up.

The judge told Sullivan to go home, according an officer in the room.

Sullivan did not, the officer said, and left.

Sullivan and his family told police that he texted the girl and told her that he would be “very upset” if he was arrested and that he wanted to “take the time to make amends.”

The woman did not reply.

In a statement, Sullivan said that his lawyer “took a lot of liberties” with his client’s arrest and “misled the court and the jury.”

Sullivan’s attorney, Mark Womack, told the AP he was not aware of the woman’s existence.

The woman and Sullivan have not been in contact.

Sullivan pleaded guilty in March, but was sentenced by U.S. District Judge George Daniels.

The judge rejected his plea and sentenced him to 10 months in prison.

The Justice Department filed a motion to vacate the sentence, but a federal appeals court denied that request.

Sullivan has appealed that decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has yet to rule on the appeal.

The 9th is the highest court in the U.s.

The appeals court’s decisions could determine if the appeals court can take up the appeal and the sentence.

The Justice Department’s decision to go into Sullivan’s home is likely the first known instance of a law-enforcement agency going to a person’s attorney for a court warrant to arrest someone for rape.

The department has used a wide variety of tactics in recent years to prosecute sexual assaults and other crimes.

Its most notable recent effort, Operation Cross Country, is part of a broad push by the Justice and Homeland Security Departments to fight crimes committed by immigrants.

In April, the department launched a $200 million initiative to combat violent crime and stop the influx of people crossing the U.

“We are committed to protecting our communities from crime and keeping them safe,” said David Karp, the agency’s deputy director for operations and law enforcement.

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