Litigation industry documents reveal secret US government contracts to kill protesters

LITIGATION NEWS AUGUST, 2017 — A large, secret government contract has been approved for the use of an air-powered drone to kill activists.

The US Army’s Army Air Force Research Laboratory, or AARL, awarded the contract to the private company Dynetics for $5 million.

The contract calls for the drone to fly to a designated location at an altitude of up to 25,000 feet and take pictures of demonstrators, who could be arrested and killed by law enforcement or other agents, and video the images to be transmitted to a central server.

The drone could also be used to gather intelligence and provide video analysis.

AARN says it has no plans to release the images.

The use of drones to kill people is a controversial matter.

The FAA, the US Department of Justice and a variety of civil liberties groups have urged the US government to make it legal to kill or capture people without charge or trial.

Many in the US civil liberties community say they would welcome the use.

The AARP says it’s trying to obtain the contract through public records requests.

But the agency says the documents are exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

“The US Government has an obligation to respect the laws of this country and to make the public aware of any actions that are inconsistent with those laws,” said Mark Smith, a spokesman for the agency.

Dynetics declined to comment on the contract.

The documents obtained by ABC News show that Dynetics was awarded the AAR-6 contract in 2013, with an initial contract worth $5.5 million, and the contract has not been renewed.

In a statement to ABC News, the AARDL said that the AARS contract is “subject to review and could be subject to a subsequent award” of another AAR contract.

AARS spokeswoman Amy Sussman said the Aars contract is a “non-contractual agreement and not subject to any public review or public disclosure.”

Dynetics has a history of using drones to shoot down protesters.

In April, Dynetics said it had bought two air-launched drones for the Army that would be used for aerial surveillance and surveillance operations.

It said in a statement that the drone program is being reviewed for compliance with all applicable laws.

The Air Force says it doesn’t allow its personnel to use drones in military operations.

The Pentagon’s inspector general has also opened an investigation into whether the government violated privacy laws when it released a video of a police killing of an unarmed black man in 2014.

The Department of Defense says it had no comment on Dynetics.

A US government contract to kill protestors has been awarded to Dynetics, a privately held company.

The company has a lengthy history of controversial use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In 2015, the Army awarded Dynetics a contract to develop and deliver a drone for the military.

In 2018, the company announced it had received another $5M in contracts from the government.

Dynestates drone technology includes a camera, radar, and a thermal imaging system that can monitor a group of people.

In October 2018, Dynestats drones shot down a drone near a water treatment plant in the state of Oklahoma, killing the pilot and killing four bystanders.

The U.S. government is also using drones in counterterrorism operations.

According to the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Grant Program awarded $500,000 to Dynastats last year.

The Justice Department says the drone is being used to help the agency determine which people and locations are likely to pose a security risk.

“Dynestats drone is an important part of DHS homeland security drone mission and provides DHS with the ability to identify and locate potential terrorists and violent extremists who may be hiding on U. S. soil,” said DHS spokesperson Julie McCarthy.

The Government Accountability Office, a watchdog group in Washington, D.C., has called Dynastations drones “potentially unlawful surveillance equipment.”

In January, the government announced a new contract to buy another $50M worth of Dynast’s technology.

The $5-million contract was first reported by the Associated Press.

Dynastates drones could be used in the fight against terrorism.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently said that it was looking into whether Dynastics drones could help law enforcement with tracking people suspected of committing crimes.

“There is a lot of concern with the fact that the FBI is using drones and unmanned aerial systems to track people,” FAA Deputy Administrator Bill Gertz said in October.

“We have some concerns about that.”

The FAA says it is still evaluating the drone technology.

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