How to navigate the legal world of litigious companies

There’s a saying in Canada that goes something like this: “If you want to get rich, don’t go to law school.”

The law school is a tough nut to crack for some, and one that often gets the job done.

But lawyers with the firm of BMO Lewis & Unibet, which provides legal advice to businesses and individuals across Canada, are well-prepared for the job.

Their clients have been litigating the same issues that lawyers from many other disciplines face every day: what to do when the public has spoken and what to say if the public doesn’t.

“We can’t expect to be on the winning side of every case, but we can say with confidence that we can offer a very robust legal opinion,” said the firm’s president, Michael C. Wilson.

BMO Lewis’ clients include a major oil and gas company, a large construction company and the Toronto Blue Jays.

BMA is Canada’s largest law firm.

It has more than 250 lawyers across the country.

The firm handles about 30,000 litigations a year, including corporate litigation, personal injury and employment law.

It’s the firm that has handled some of the most important decisions in Canada’s history, including the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to strike down Canada’s Human Rights Act.

A key to that case was the case of an Ontario-based company called Avanti.

It was suing a Montreal man for $1.5 million in damages for allegedly discriminating against a female employee.

The woman filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination and retaliation for refusing to have sex with him.

Avantis ultimately won, but lost the case in the Ontario Superior Court.

After that case, Avantia was sued by the company for sexual harassment.

The court eventually found in favour of the plaintiff, finding that Avantic was a “sexual predator” who had sexually harassed the woman and caused her financial and emotional distress.

The Ontario Superior Board of Managers dismissed the complaint against Avantikis and ordered it to pay Avantijs $1 million in penalties.

A group of Avantisti employees went to court to seek damages for the discrimination against the woman.

A jury found Avantika guilty in the case.

The company was fined $4 million and ordered to pay $2.7 million in back wages.

In another case, a Montreal-based construction company was sued for sexual and physical harassment by an employee.

While the employee was filing her complaint against the company, she met a colleague at a meeting, who later told her that she could have the job if she didn’t take it so seriously.

The employee told the woman that the company was not the type of company she would want to work for, but rather a “job to have fun with.”

The employee left the company without severance and did not seek compensation from Avantim.

Several other cases involve sexual harassment and violence.

The most well-known of these cases involves a Toronto-based restaurant owner who made a derogatory comment about an employee’s weight and body weight.

When the woman complained to the owner, the woman was offered a job as a waitress.

The owner allegedly retaliated against her by saying that he would never hire a woman that weighed less than 100 pounds.

This was a case that had huge repercussions for the restaurant owner, who was eventually fined $2 million.

The restaurant was ordered to change its hiring practices and pay $100,000 in back pay and penalties.

Another case involved a Canadian airline, Air Canada, which had recently hired a new pilot.

The pilot reportedly used homophobic language towards female employees.

Air Canada was ordered by the court to pay out $300,000 to the woman, and another $100 million to her former employer, the airline.

There were a number of other cases involving workplace harassment.

One of the big cases involving sexual harassment involved the former head of the federal cabinet’s office, Pierre Poilievre.

He was charged in a case of sexual harassment, assault and sexual harassment that went all the way to the Supreme Commission of Canada.

In 2012, he was found not guilty of all charges.

Poilivre was found guilty on four counts of sexual assault, and two counts of forcible confinement and threats.

He is now a member of the French Canadian Parliament.

Despite being charged in several cases involving sex discrimination, the RCMP did not take any action against Poilvre for his actions.

More important, Poilavre is not the only one with questionable behaviour on the job: In addition to the RCMP, the Supreme Courts of Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Court of Appeal also have been implicated in cases of sexual misconduct.

“There are a number individuals who work in law and in business who do have a long record of misconduct, including many who have been convicted of serious offences

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