What are the biggest challenges facing the world’s largest law firm?

Business Insider / Business Insider article 1 of 10 Business Insider readers agree: The company that makes your wedding planning and wedding photography business is suing you.

According to a report by Business Insider, the firm, called The Law Office of the Co-Founders of the Wedding Photographer’s Association, is trying to get your business off the ground.

The firm says that The Wedding Photographer Group (TWPG) is a competitor to the firm that makes the wedding photography products and services, The Law Offices of Michael A. Coates and Michael M. O’Reilly, which it claims are more successful in raising capital and expanding its client base.

The suit says TWPG is attempting to monopolize the wedding planning industry, and is “an industry cartel” that has engaged in “unlawful and unfair conduct” with the wedding photographers and their clients.”TWPG is trying not only to control the industry, but to prevent the wedding photographer from becoming a viable business, or from expanding,” the suit says.

“While TWPG may have the financial resources and the capital, its ability to control and monopolize its business and the business of its customers is hampered by its own unlawful and unfair acts, and by its failure to provide accurate information to its customers and competitors about its product and service offerings.”

The firm also alleges that TWPG and its business partner, The Wedding Photographers Association (TWPA), are engaged in a pattern of conduct that “violates the public trust, violates the antitrust laws, and threatens to undermine the economic viability of TWPG’s business and its members.”

The lawsuit was filed last month.

TWPG declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also says that TWPA and TWPG are engaged “in an illegal, anticompetitive, and unfair business practice” that is “unjust and unreasonable.”TWPG and TWPA declined to speak with Business Insider.

According in the suit, TWPG began selling wedding photography equipment in 2013, but its business was “declined and terminated” by the company’s board in 2015.

In March 2017, TWPA asked TWPG to stop selling wedding products and to sell TWPG.

The lawsuit also claims that TWPAG, TWPD, and TWPPG are in breach of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts, practices and practices.

The complaint also says TWPD is engaged in unfair business practices, and that TWPD and TWPPPG “have engaged in unlawful and unreasonable conduct in violation of TWPD’s contract and TWPD has been and continues to be engaged in conduct that has caused TWPG significant financial harm.”

The suit also alleges TWPG violated the Sherman Act by attempting to sell wedding products without the approval of the wedding business, and to pay TWPG for services that were not rendered.

The law firm also says it is trying “to coerce TWPG into giving its employees, members, and customers confidential, confidential, proprietary and proprietary information.”

The complaint says TWPPD and its board members “continue to violate TWPG contracts by failing to honor their promises and failing to act promptly and diligently” in response to TWPG complaints.

The case is pending in New York state Superior Court.

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