Judge dismisses class action suit for defamation lawsuit against Gawker

Complaint: Gawker founder Jack Dorsey is suing the publisher, the judge says.

Article Complaint (courts.ny.gov): The judge says he has no doubt that Jack Dorsey’s suit will fail because of the way it was filed. 

 The suit was filed in a federal court in New York on July 23, 2017, with the filing date set for July 29. 

Gawker has agreed to pay Dorsey $2.5 million in damages. 

The New York court ruled that Dorsey’s suit could proceed. 

However, the case is not without precedent. 

In 2012, the New York Supreme Court struck down a defamation lawsuit filed by an online media personality against the former editor of the popular gossip website Gawker. 

That ruling was based on the principle of the defendant’s right to file a lawsuit to protect his reputation, and did not require a judge to rule on the validity of the plaintiff’s complaint. 

Judge Paul D. Sullivan, writing for the majority, said that Gawker’s complaint did not prove a “right to silence.” 

The judge added that a defamation claim that did not allege any defamation, and that the plaintiff did not show that the publication of the alleged libel had harmed his reputation was insufficient to prove defamation. 

Dorsey said in a statement, “As a defendant in this suit, I have a strong belief that the conduct of Gawker and its owners in defaming me in their lawsuit is outrageous and outrageous, and I am confident the court will find that their complaint is baseless.” 

Gazette, the company that owns the popular website, also released a statement about the ruling. 

“The decision is wrong and we are confident that it will be overturned by the New Yorkers courts,” the statement said. 

Read more about the news at the Gizmodo .

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