AT&T’s ‘lawsuit insurance company’ faces antitrust suit

AT&G sued in US District Court on Tuesday to try and block a possible $US20 billion antitrust suit over its merger with Time Warner.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Francisco, and was also filed in the Northern District of California.

The suit alleges that AT&L’s acquisition of Time Warner would harm competition, weaken the “integrity” of the internet, and undermine the “free market” of broadband, AT&S said in a statement.

The US Justice Department is also seeking to block the merger.

AT&N said it was reviewing the complaint and could not comment further at this time.AT&T said it would take steps to ensure consumers’ “comprehensive broadband” experience, including by providing “additional competitive information on AT&P’s broadband offerings.”

“The antitrust laws require that consumers receive a ‘fair and reasonable’ offer for the internet service they want to use and are willing to pay for,” AT&Ts chief executive Randall Stephenson said in the statement.ATG also said the antitrust suit was “an abuse of the courts” to pursue “the very business practices that AT & T were trying to fight for in the first place.”AT&G is the world’s largest wireless carrier and has been in court before in the past.

It bought Time Warner in 2019 for $US74 billion and spun off the merged company to become AT&E.

The company has been fighting over the past two years to get regulators to reclassify the deal as a merger.ATs antitrust suit comes as the US faces the second largest internet outage in years.

According to a study by the consumer group Public Knowledge, a majority of Americans are currently experiencing a slow internet connection.

The average internet speed in the US was 3.4Mbps on Wednesday, according to the US Department of Commerce.

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