How ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘Degrassi’ star sued for copyright infringement

An actor and actress in a movie about a pair of high school bullies has been sued for allegedly infringing on copyrights owned by Paramount Pictures, which produced the film.

Michael Gershwin’s lawsuit against the studio accuses the film’s makers, Sony Pictures Classics, of making a movie in which he played a character named Big Mouth and another in which she played Diggity.

The two characters were based on Gershew’s character, Giggity, from his hit 1980s sitcom, The Biggest Loser.

The suit also accuses the studio of copying the characters’ names and faces.

The lawsuit alleges that Gershaw, 26, has been making “unreasonable and baseless” demands of the filmmakers and “intending to sue for damages.”

The suit asks for unspecified damages.

Gershwal is a founding member of the group CopBlock, a coalition of artists, filmmakers and activists who say the industry is under siege by “anti-copyright zealots.”

He has said in the past that copyrights are “a scam.”

Gershewn says the filmmakers have agreed to an arbitration that will take place at the end of the year and he is waiting for the settlement to be approved by a court in the state of Connecticut.

Germaine Greer, the director of CopBlock and a former member of The Bigest Loser, told The Associated Press that Galshew was “extremely frustrated” with the movie.

“He has made a lot of demands and they have accepted them, but he hasn’t gotten a dime of the money,” Greer said.

Greer said that the lawsuit is the latest in a long line of cases Gershww has brought against the industry.

The most recent came in March.

A spokeswoman for Sony Pictures said the studio was aware of the lawsuit and is working with its lawyers to resolve it.

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